NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Unsatisfied with his team's offensive performance in Saturday's preseason opener, Mike Mularkey expects the Tennessee Titans will take a 7-3 sluggish loss to the New York Jets as a "wake-up call."

Mularkey took positives from Marcus Mariota's return and the defense beyond the first drive, Kendall Wright Jerseys but offensive mistakes by some of the team's veterans left him frustrated after film review.

"After watching it a couple times, it still was not good enough obviously to win a football game. Marcus Mariota Jerseys There were less mistakes than I thought there were. The problem was the mistakes that there were, were critical and some catastrophic. Tough lesson from that, and that’s what we’ve got to get better."

The Titans allowed eight sacks, including a few coming from free defenders let loose because of protection miscommunications, and committed two turnovers and six accepted penalties.

First preseason games typically feature unorganized offenses trying to find their own, but the Titans' performance was a little more troubling than normal. Delanie Walker Jerseys Their offensive line, which is supposed to be a big strength, looked like it was still a work in progress. They didn't reach the end zone, and backup quarterback Alex Tanney committed back-to-back turnovers deep in Jets territory.

"It wasn't the team, it was about the offense," Mularkey said. DeMarco Murray Jerseys "I didn't think it would be to the point where we played as poorly as we did. I just wanted it to be different, I wanted us being in our second year knowing that when we got in the second half it wouldn't be as clean. I wanted it to be clean with our starters and with our veterans."

Mularkey didn't get his wish and he won't let his players use the fact that it was the first preseason game as an excuse. Derrick Henry Jerseys Mariota wasn't content with his own return to action. He, too, admitted the entire offense needs to raise their level going into this week.

The Titans are coming off a summer where many chose them as the NFL's breakout team. They've been saying the right things, but handling expectations will be a season-long battle.

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Businesses spend a lot of money designing their physical store layout - making it as good looking as possible. So, why shouldn't your website store look just as good? That's why JoomlArt brings you JA Mesolite.

For the second template released in July, JoomlArt has developed a new template to coincide with VirtueMart, and exclusive JoomlArt modules; JA Slideshow, JA News and JA VMproductslide - allowing you to show off your products effectively in a neat and clean layout. Surely, JA Mesolite provides you with an optimal presentation of all products to your potential customers.

Not only that, this month's template also includes our regular array of colours and menu choices - making this one of the best ways to highlighting your products online using the Joomla! system.

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